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AI Chatbot platform for enterprise

Not a sci-fi futuristic technology
Interactbot brings the power of AI into business hands

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All your customers and partners use messengers

As per recent research, 6+ of top 10 most used applications
globally are messaging apps. Your business grows and it needs new
tools to match the volume of people you reach out to and support

Interactbot is where your users are


Our hybrid chatbot platform innovates how business talk

Drag & Drop builder

Interactbot chatbot builder gives
you a simple yet powerful interface.

Advanced broadcasting

Chatbot is available everywhere.
We support all popular interfaces.

Rule-based AI

Our smart engine understands
and responds with the help of NLP..

Integration to leading AI

Easy to use API and plugins for fast
and easy custom integration.

Cloud & On-premise

Interacbot is for enterprises,
providing these 2 kinds of deployment.

Deep Analytics and BI

Take advantage of deep analytics
and monitor all recent bot activity.

You don’t have to be nerd to use AI chatbot

If user says

How do you do?

Interactbot says

[ Welcome message ]

Once you set up
despired conversational rules
in our dashboard...

I’m glad to see you!
Hi! Hello, what’s up?

…your bot will
recognize similar phrases
from users...

Hi! I’m okay thanks.
How is it going?

...and using NLP, will understand
to send your (predefined)
welcome message

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